Oct 20, 2012

Days 4 - 11 | Catching Up - Progress on our Florence

I've realized something... living with family when you're in your 30's and have 4 kids in tow is no picnic. We're all learning lessons in patience, kindness, generosity, gratefulness, frugality and chipping in to help when needed. This past week was a little trying, but we made it through. Now I have to get you caught up on where we're at with our house!

Here we go.....  

There has been so much progress! It's hard to believe that it's only been 11 days since we broke ground on October 9, 2012. Things really do move quickly after the ground breaking.

Day 4 | 10-12-12 | Poured Basement Walls

Joe did not have a chance to drive out to take pictures this day. The basement walls were poured though. Our PM called for our weekly update. He said they would be wrapping the basement on 16th, deliveries for supplies should start on the 19th and framing is expected to start on the 26th.

Day 5 | 10-13-2012 | Basement Walls & Steel Beams

Joe drove out after work. The basement walls had been poured and the frames were removed. He also saw a delivery of the steel beams.

Joe was standing at the front of the house when he took this one. The front porch is directly in front with the soon to be finished basement behind it. The garage is off to the left with the unfinished part of the basement behind it.

The orange spray paint marks are for the waterproofing. That's how far up the wrapping comes.

I think these are the pipes for the sump pump?

Day 8 | 10-16-2012 | Basement wrapped

After Joe got off of work, he drove out to see the progress. It's looking great so far!

Day 10 | 10-18-2012 | Deliveries Have Started!

Joe decided to drive by the house to see if they had done anything while waiting for the deliveries to start. Look at what he saw....

Our front door, sliding glass door, and windows have been delivered! Our front door will be black, which reminds me, I need to update our selections page.

I couldn't see it in the first photo that Joe sent to me (the one above), but we have wood too. It doesn't look like very much. Maybe there's more hiding behind it or another delivery is scheduled?

This guy was there delivering our shower/tubs. I can't wait to use city water again!

Day 11 | 10-19-2012 | Weekly PM Call

Our PM called for our weekly update. He said that we're scheduled to start the framing on the 24th or the 25th.  He said that puts us about 2 weeks ahead of schedule right now. Of course that could all change, depending the the weather. 

So, that's where we're at right now. I'm so excited and happy with how fast things are moving! My fingers are crossed that the weather stays nice long enough for them to finish all of the outside work.


  1. Bobbie, you all are doing great! Don't you just love seeing all the goodies showing up?

    1. I do love seeing them arrive. I just wish that I could drive out there to see them in person!

  2. wow, look at you go! the waterproofing is just such a cool feature coming from a home that had water problems in the basement, the waterproofing is such a sign of relief...Your home is like mine, low side, so the basement is in the ground pretty much...

    I have to say I will never understand why they deliver the tub and doors before framing to sit out in the elements, it will drive the hubby outta his mind!!!

    On the family side, I hear ya Sista! We too are living with my mom and even though she is my BFF it gets very small very fast with sooo much stuff........Dinner is nearly impossible...But we say we are surrounded by the ones we love, we are lucky not to have two mortgages..........just keep repeating!!..LOL

    1. The waterproofing really puts my mind at ease! We've lived in a few older houses that had water problems in the basement too. I always worried about mold with the kids.

      The living with family is tough! Our mantra (that we repeat several times a day) is .... 'it's only temporary'. We're just grateful that we have a family that's willing to open their home to us. Dinner is crazy around here too, not to mention all the laundry.. and well water UGH!