Oct 11, 2012

Day 3 (evening) | Basement walls are ready to be poured

Joe drove back out to the site after work yesterday (day 3 of the build).  Just look at the sky!  Isn't it beautiful?

They worked fast getting everything ready to pour the basement walls.  Here are a few more pictures that Joe sent to me.....

Today was day 4 of the build.  Joe didn't have time after work to run by the site to take pics of the progress.  I hope they were able to pour the walls.  I'm a little bit worried because there is a freeze warning for tonight.  Does anyone know if that matters when pouring the walls?  I'm sure it doesn't... they build all winter long in below freezing temperatures.


  1. Wow, Bobbie! Joe is doing a great job with keeping up the pictures for you and the children. My husband took his first shots today. I am so proud of him. Not sure how it works with the weather and the walls--sorry. If probably did pour the walls yesterday. They tend to work fast as you can see. I see that you are going to have a front porch too. YAY!

    1. BTW-- the sky is amazing in that first picture--Awesome--that may be one you consider framing and hanging on your wall in your new home.

  2. The sky is beautiful in that first picture! I hope the freeze doesn't hold up your progress!

  3. Looking great......love the progress....