Oct 10, 2012

Day 3 (morning) | Footers and Basement Walls

Joe (my husband) drove out to the site this morning and look what he saw!  They're working on our basement walls as I type this.  I'm really hoping the weather holds out for the workers.  Do you see the clouds in the background?

Here's a picture that Joe took standing at the back of house.  The morning room will be right in front of where he's standing.  It appears that the footers are all done.  They're dropping some sort of wood in... I'm not sure what that's for.  Maybe it was the wood they used to frame the footers and they're taking it out?  

Here's a view of the wood from up by the truck.  I'll have to ask Joe if they were taking it out or putting it in. 

There's the wood again!  You can also see the footers in this picture.  Is the white tubing next to the footers for the basement waterproofing system?  I have no clue.  I think the white tube sticking out of the ground is for our powder room rough in.. I could be wrong though.  Maybe it's the angle the picture was taken from, but this space looks a lot smaller than it should.  It's so hard to look at these pictures and get a feel for the size!

This is where our future garage will be.  We have the reverse layout of the Florence floor plan.

Here's another shot of the footers around the garage.  It's so exciting to see how far they've come in just just 2 full days of work.  One of the workers told Joe that the basement walls should be up today.  I'm curious to know how much they got done!  I wish I could just jump in the car and drive out there.  


  1. Your schedule is moving rapidly, congratulations on forward movement! Did your PM give you a timeline for your build?

    1. Thanks!! Our PM did not give us a timeline. My husband is going to ask him for one tomorrow when he calls with our weekly update. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. How exciting to see progress! I can't wait until there's progress on our lot.

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