Oct 25, 2012

Day 18 (morning) | Framing begins

Joe called me about an hour ago to tell me that they started framing! He only had time to send one picture though. From what I can tell, the floor joists are in and a wall is up. Yippee!

I'm posting this from the Blogger app on my iPhone. I hope the formatting is ok.


  1. Alright Bobbie!!! The beginnings of your Florence home is on its way up!

    1. I am beyond excited! I need to check on your progress :)

  2. Replies
    1. I still can't get over how fast they work!

  3. This is such an exciting part! The framing goes so fast that you will have a home to actually walk through in a week.
    BTW: I'm a fellow Cleveland area Ryan blogger. We are set to close Nov 28. Follow us at catstarwalt.blogspot.com.