Nov 7, 2012

Day 30 | Shingles, Siding & Brick Work Preparations

I am so happy with the progress they've made on our house over the past few days.  Joe drove by yesterday after he voted.  It looks like they're getting ready to finish up the roof.  The shingles are sitting on top.  

We selected elevation K.  It has a cottage style feel to it with shake siding.  They put the wood trim up that separates the shake siding from the brick and the vertically run siding. This elevation was our second choice.  We originally selected elevation L that comes with stone and even more cottage style details.  We switched (downgraded) to elevation K so we could add on the morning room.  We're happy with our decision.  It was a good compromise, but I REALLY wanted stone (that came with elevation L). 

I got a little bit nervous when Joe sent this picture to me.  We didn't choose pebblestone clay siding.  I put in a call to our PM a few minutes ago.  The siding is for a service call on another house... WHEW!


  1. I love the elevations with the shake siding! Can't wait to see pictures of it installed.

  2. I would love to see the finished product of the home! Waiting patiently, make sure you guys take your time and do it up with detail.

    -Adam Ahmed

  3. I'm really interested in the reflective house wrap... We still have white with "Ryan Homes" printed on it.

  4. Just a few more weeks and everything is done! You guys must be so excited! I remember the feeling I had when we built our home last year. When it was already at that point, everyone was so excited and we talked about our plans for the inside all day!

    Aubrey Mullins

  5. Can hardly see the shingles. : ( That’s one mighty big house, though. Looks like everything’s coming along nicely. Happy new year!

    - Cody Charlebois -