Jul 10, 2012

The Start of a New Adventure

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We just started on a new adventure and we'd love for you to follow along! We're building a new house and we'll be blogging our progress along the way.  The main purpose of this blog is to document our adventure so we can look back on it as a family years from now and remember the fun times along with the struggles.

After renting for about 13 years, we decided to take the plunge and buy our first home. We started looking at existing homes and soon became frustrated. We couldn't find anything we liked or anything that would fit our big family and lifestyle. We always assumed that building a home would be way out of our price range until we drove by a new development and saw the pricing on a flag at the entrance. When we got home, we looked up the builder's website. We quickly realized we were wrong, we could build a home for less money than buying an existing home.... and so begins our adventure!


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  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land! I would be delighted to follow your journey. Happy Building! Please visit us our site too and click the join this site button we can follow your journey and vice a versa we are at ricknadase.blogspot.com